5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Want to add value to your home sweet home? There are endless ways to do so, some vastly more effective than others. So, rather than wasting your time and money on projects that add minimal value, get the most bang for your buck.  Here are top five ways to add value to your home.

1)   Update your kitchen. A kitchen is the number one, most important room in a home when it comes to prospective buyers. Buyers are looking for updated appliances, preferably in a stainless steel finish. Older looking, out of date appliances make buyers worry about the working condition of the appliances, and appliances are something people generally do not want to replace when moving. Buyers are also looking for updated, solid surface countertops in materials such as granite, marble, quartz and so on. They want cabinetry that is newer or at least in good shape. Painting cabinet doors and replacing cabinet hardware can give a fresh look to older cabinets without spending a lot of money. Finally, buyers want kitchens with space, preferably open space. Kitchens that are open into other rooms are a hot feature these days because families feel they can use the kitchen as additional living space. If your kitchen is not open, at least make sure that it is clean and uncluttered to give the appearance of more workable space.

2)   Update your bathrooms. Bathrooms are the second most important rooms to prospective buyers. There is nothing worse than pink, 4 x 4 ceramic tile with a sink, tub and potty to match! Make sure your bathroom is not a flashback from the 60’s or 70’s. Neutral tile can make a huge difference in a bathroom’s appearance, as can updated countertops like cultured marble or granite. Updating cabinet/drawer pulls and plumbing hardware is an inexpensive and easy way to give your bathroom a more updated look. Also, try changing out older styles of lighting for more modern fixtures.

3)   Paint. It is that simple. Paint is the least expensive thing you can do to improve the overall appearance of your home. Plus, painting is something that almost anyone can do themselves. Paint instantly gives a room a clean, fresh look that conveys to buyers that you take care of your home. It can single-handedly take 10 years off the age of your home. Try to choose neutral paint colors so that you don’t limit the appeal of a room to a small audience. Be careful with really dark colors as well, as they can sometimes make a room appear smaller than it really is.

4)   Curb appeal. First impressions are invaluable!! Make sure your home is giving a favorable one to prospective buyers. Ways to improve your curb appeal include having updated outdoor lighting at the entrance of your home. Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door and wash your windows. You can also update the hardware of your front door for a quick improvement. Use potted plants to spruce up the landing by your front door and add color. Use flower beds to add more visual interest and color. Also, make sure the landscaping in the front of your home is trimmed and tidy. Messy, unkempt yards and entrances are a quick way to give buyers the impression that you do not take care of your home. Add an updated mailbox or new street numbers to the front of your home. Things like this all contribute the first impression, and determine whether or not buyers want to come inside to see more.

5)   Replace anything that is broken. Seriously, this should be a no brainer. You have got to replace rotten wood, leaky windows, warped floors, stained carpet, etc. Although it may not bother you, a buyer will notice these types of things. They will assume that you do not maintain your home well, and that if there are problems they can see, there are probably problems they can NOT see as well. This scares away buyers, so do your best stay on top of the general upkeep of your home. Even if a buyer does not notice these problems, a home inspector will! You will most likely be asked to repair/replace the vast majority of these types of issues so why not do it now and up the chances of your home showing well. It just makes sense.

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