How To Get Your Montgomery Home Ready to Sell

Spring is almost here and this is typically “the season” for people to put their homes on the market. Are you thinking of selling? If so, there are definitely some steps you will want to take to get your house prepared for buyers to see.

• Check your curb appeal. You have to tidy up the view of your home from the street. If you cannot get someone to get out of their car because your home is not appealing from the outside, then you are wasting your time. Your home must appeal from the outside! So, do what you can to help your boost your home’s appearance. Trim your hedges and keep the lawn in shape. Make sure the front door is painted or in good condition. Sweep walkways that lead to the front door and use potted plants or flower beds near the entrance to add color and life around your front door. Make sure your doorbell works. Change out dated outdoor light fixtures near the front door for updated ones. Don’t leave seasonal decorations up when the season has passed…i.e. no pumpkins at the door in January. Simple neatness goes a long way.

• De-clutter. This is so important!!! A cluttered home looks SMALLER. Rooms feel crowded, messy and sometimes even dirty when they are full of junk. So, take care to pick up after yourself. Pack up knick knacks and accessories that are not necessary for you daily living. Put away some of your children’s toys and playthings. They probably won’t even miss them! Consider putting some of your bulkier furniture in storage to keep a smooth flow through a room and floor plan. Get rid of piles of mail, magazines, etc. Take as much off of countertops as you can. Clean out your closets to show off the storage capacity of your home. People want homes to feel roomy, not cramped so lose anything you can to make your home feel airy and big. You are selling the spaces, not the stuff so make sure people can see the spaces. Seriously important, but often ignored by sellers!

• Paint. Scratched, peeling or marked walls give your home a “dirty” vibe. Painting is the cheapest way to freshen up a room and give it an instant facelift. Trim work is as important as the walls. Make sure all of the paint in your home is in good condition and it will give buyers the feeling that your home is well maintained in every way. Also, make sure to choose neutral colors when you can so you don’t eliminate potential buyers with your very specific color scheme. You don’t want to be remembered as the house with the purple kitchen….you want to be remembered as the house with the very livable, functional kitchen.

• Clean. This would seem obvious but I cannot tell you the filthiness I have witnessed in listed homes. Check your windowsills, blinds, plantation shutters and room corners for dirt, debris and even dead bugs. Yuck. Make sure your bathrooms are clean and smell clean. A musty odor in a bathroom makes people think mold and mildew are lurking so make sure the bathrooms smell fresh and look bright. Have the carpets cleaned. It is relatively inexpensive and makes a huge difference in your home looking and smelling clean.

• Do general maintenance. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Make sure you fix cracks in walls, tiles, ceilings, etc. Replace rotten wood on the outside of your home. Repair or replace loose roofing. Repair any leaky or dripping faucets. Again, you want your home to appear to be well maintained. Even if you think these are easy fixes for a buyer to make, do it yourself. Buyers want to put their money toward the purchase price, not fix-it work. The vast majority are looking for “move-in ready” homes, not fixer-uppers, so do the work. If you don’t on the front end, chances are that the buyer’s contract or a home inspection will force you to fix things anyway.

• Modernize. If you can afford it, modernize. Even changing cabinet pulls and knobs can make a big difference. Upgrade light fixtures in bathrooms…it is actually very inexpensive! Paint dated paneling. Update sink hardware and other plumbing fixtures. Anything you can do to bring your home up to date will increase your appeal to buyers. No one wants to buy a “granny” looking home!

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