McGehee Estates

Greater McGehee Estates, located in midtown Montgomery, is blessed with winding roads and beautiful old-growth trees. Situated between Carter Hill Road, Woodley Road and Narrow Lane Road, it is made up of several smaller neighborhoods: McGehee Estates, Westminster, Allendale, Myrtlewood, Rosemont, Country Club, Meadow Lane and Rosemont Place. Greater McGehee Estates’ homes represent a wide variety of architectural periods and styles. You’ll find everything from Traditional, French and Georgian to Tudor and Federal. Homes also vary in size and value, but the one constant is this neighborhood’s close-knit, family friendly atmosphere anchored with a strong sense of community. For more information, please visit:

*The homes pictured on are not for sale unless otherwise stated, and the owners of these homes are in no way endorsing Molly Drumwright or Bell & Corwin.

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